Case Studies and Client Testimonials

Case Studies are awarded by Microsoft to a very select number of Certified Partners who have success stories implementing Microsoft solutions.

Digital Retail Solutions has been awarded over SIX of these case studies for our Microsoft Retail Management System implementation in the bicycle and hobby retail industries.

These case studies are made available to resellers around the world on the Microsoft Business Solutions web site. These are real retailers, with real challenges. Read what they say about Digital Retail Solutions and Microsoft Retail Management System, then click on the Case Study links for the whole story:

Jerry Slack,
Cycle Loft

Cycle Loft Case Study

“The biggest thing we needed was complete Windows compatibility. And nothing delivers that better than a Microsoft-made POS management product.”

“I picked Microsoft Retail Management System, then went scouting for a dealer who understood the bicycle business. I think that was wise because Digital Retail Solutions has been great for us. We were all on the same track. Defining needs went fast and so did installation.”

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Jon Jeffress,
Cadence 120

Cadence 120 Case Study

“We studied every system we could find for two years, and kept coming back to Microsoft Retail Management System and Digital Retail Solutions. “We saw that Microsoft [Retail Management System] had very flexible functionality and a proven database. Digital Retail Solutions offered a specific program enhancement called Bicycle Bundle; they knew our business, and could build us custom reports.”

Dan Shuman,
Salem Cycle

Salem Cycle Case Study

“I had bought my earlier package from [Digital Retail Solutions] DRS and liked their response time and attitude. But I needed to look at every system with any standing in the bicycle industry. Compared to AIMsi, Ascend, and Edge Profit Plus, Microsoft offered more and better features. And the price was right, both initially, and in downstream upkeep.”

Gene Hodges,
Treads Bicycle Outfitters

Treads Case Study

“We were already a DRS client, and wanted to stay with them. They were a big factor in our decision. If DRS had selected Microsoft Retail Management System to sell and support, I knew that they did so with good reason.”

“We needed reliability, speed of information, and the ability to customize reports and point-of-sale screens to fit our needs. That mix is what sold us on Microsoft Retail Management System.”

Tim Gale,
Bicycle Garage Indy

BGI Case Study

“…Before Microsoft Retail Management System with DRS Bicycle Bundle came out, no product gave us reason to change…Other providers didn’t have the credibility that DRS has.”

“Sales are up by double-digits..We used to wade through too many screens. Now transaction times are down by a third and inventory turns are already ten percent faster. We even look more professional.”

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