Special RMS Add-ins for Specialty Retailers

Digital Retail Solutions specializes in point-of-sale systems for independent specialty retailers of all types. Check out the suite of valuable utilities we offer in our RMS Toolkit.

You can always contact Digital Retail Solutions directly for friendly service and EXPERT ADVICE on Microsoft point-of-sale products. You can buy from us directly or we’ll work with your local reseller to ensure your point-of-sale installation includes all the right stuff. Contact us and we’ll configure our add-ins to meet your exact needs.

Highlights of this RMS Toolkit include:

  • DRS SWAT Search puts an intelligent search engine right within RMS, so you can quickly find what you need. Find and sell was never this easy. Automatic, progressive and exclusive search. Price point and price range. Dept/category/size/color/brand/supplier and type filters. Combination searches. In stock and on sale filters. Tag and sell. Change quantities. Multiple search and tag, then add to sale. Try it — you’ll love it!
  • Matrix Master (Power Ops + AutoGen) will give you greater control and flexibility over matrix items like apparel and soft goods.
  • Serial Editor instantly maintains all your serialized items including date of assembly, assembler name, and more. This utility can complement a control ticket system or replace it. Print item labels on-the-fly (Cognitive or Zebra/Eltron barcode printers), print price labels by Purchase Order. Assign temporary numbers for POs received/not committed. New combo filters for quick listings, SN search, and enhanced text search with price range option.
  • Modified purchase order, workorder, layaway, and backorder forms designed for your type business.
  • Customized label formats for Cognitive and Zebra/Eltron barcode printers.
  • AutoGen speeds up item code creation with structured or unstructured codes; automatic tax assignment by store for new items (HQ), 4-6 digit sequential number option and more.
  • Suggested specialty store setup for database entries (Tenders, Reason Codes, Discounts, Security settings, Register setup, and much more).
  • Service Manager streamlines service/repair management from estimate to completed with email notification and scheduling option to help maximize service revenues.
  • V.I.P. Zone will give you quick customer account lookup, global customer account editing (HQ), targeted mailing lists, export options, required fields, merge duplicates, USPS address validation and more.
  • Status Window displays important customer and sales information at the register.
  • XML receipt format to support your existing 40 column dot matrix printers; includes 2 lines per item, line item discounts, salesperson IDs, and more. Note: We suggest a high speed thermal receipt printer for RMS, especially if you will use the integrated credit/debit card processing.
  • SmartPOP is a database-driven signage and hangtag add-in that generates large labels (signs) on demand. Pre-defined label templates ensure your signs and product tags are quick and professional every time. Select an item, pick a design format, and print.
  • TenderView simplifies balancing your cash drawer at end-of-day. View tender totals and details onscreen; count and balance without running an X report.
  • Special Order Tracker manages and monitors customer requests for special purchases. HQ connection option displays orders by store location (HQ environments).
  • Dozens of custom report templates including:

    MAT Item History Report — units/margin or gross/discount dollars by item, by class, matrix, dept and category; MAT = Moving Annual Total by month with “this year/last year” comparisons

    Order Entry Reports — compile and paste orders to online order entry systems, or transfer purchase orders to any vendor that supports HTML, XML, or text based data exchange

    Enhanced reports including DRS Sales Summary by Month, plus updated receipt templates

    Monday-Sunday TimeCard Report (the default is Sunday-Saturday) and many more specialty-centric reports….

Digital Retail Solutions’ retailer services also offer you:

  • FREE setup and training for all DRS add-ins plus special service packs for new system installs and conversions.
  • 24/7 access to our help desk with tips, suggestions, FAQs, and specialty-store content.
  • Quality support at REASONABLE RATES by live chat, email, ticket or remote logon via browser connection.
  • Online assistance using live chat AND browser; we view your screen or you can view ours; support and training in half the time at half the expense.
  • Conversion services for most popular POS software in use by specialty retailers (see below).

In short, our value-added services for your industry are what set Digital Retail Solutions apart. We know the sport specialty business, speak the lingo, and understand your operating needs.

Bargain Bundle

Add up the time savings and value for our unique add-ins, custom report templates, custom receipt formats, expert advice, and more — and we could easily charge a premium for our specialty retailer solution. Instead, we have bundled all these goodies together for one low price.

RMS Toolkit starts at just $395 for a 1 PC license. Other add-ins from $49. Click here for current add-ins price list.

Conversions Available

If you are running an existing point-of-sale system now, we’ll convert your items, customers and vendor data — so you can be up-and-running the next day! We offer CONVERSIONS for most POS software in use today including Edge Profit-Plus, ARMS, QuickBooks POS, General Store, Retail Pro and others. (Other trademarks or products mentioned here are the property of their assigned owners.)

Store Operations can also import items, customers and vendor data from QuickBooks, if you have tried to use QuickBooks alone to run your store. Note: QuickBooks POS is a scaled-down version of Retail Pro. This starter package must be upgraded to the full version of Retail Pro to provide comparable features in Store Operations.

Microsoft Retail Management System (RMS) is competitively priced to ensure you receive the MOST BANG FOR THE YOUR BUCK compared to any other point-of-sale system. MULTI-USER point-of-sale software starts at just $1190.

Seeing is believing. Download a 30-day trial of Microsoft RMS, then request a 30-day trial of RMS Toolkit.

For more information please peruse other sections on our website. If you have any questions about our products and services, please contact us by phone or use the contact form on this site.