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Get what you need, upgrade when you’re ready

When it comes to retail point-of-sale software, one size doesn’t fit all. At Digital Retail Solutions, we’ve learned how important it is to match the software to your business and industry. With our range of products, you can painlessly migrate to more powerful solutions as your business grows.


You may have had humble beginnings, but your business has grown, and needs the same advantages that the bigger chains are using to maintain their edge. Whether you are a single store that wants the best or have multiple locations your need to manage, Microsoft Retail Management Store Operations is what you need. Store Operations tames any stock, inventory and sales method, including your services, layaways, subscriptions, work orders and back orders. RMS Store Operations is the most powerful, full-featured point-of-sale software we offer. The unique web-enabled and customizable POS screen looks just like a receipt—with every item, price and quantity in plain sight. Cashiers make fewer mistakes. Lines go fast. Tricky transactions—layaways, returns, partial payments, mixed tender—all become easy. Happy cashiers make for happier customers. RMS Store Operations will make everyone happy! From $1190 + 18% AMP.

RMS Headquarters  FEATURES

You’ve parlayed retail success into your own mini-empire. Now you need to synch up your locations and control it all. Microsoft Retail Management Headquarters works with Store Operations to gain the advantages of centralized management with plenty of flexibility.


QuickSell 2000 is the original point-of-sale platform upon which Microsoft Retail Management Solutions software is based. QuickSell reached its end of product lifecycle over 10 years ago. However, we do offer an installer download for QS2000 users stuck in the past. The next generation of QuickSell 2000 is called Store Operations.

QuickSell 2000 users should upgrade to Store Operations as soon as possible. The upgrade is quick and easy and you’ll benefit immediately from the rich feature set and enhanced capabilities in Store Operations. We offer a special upgrade price to migrate to the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics RMS. Register at our Help Desk for a 30-day trial and more information.

Major differences between QuickSell 2000 and Store Operations include:

  • XML integration with QuickBooks Pro 2003 (plus Premier, Accountant’s version and above)
  • Integrated credit card/debit card processing at special discounted rates
  • Customizable active reports (design onscreen) and much MORE…

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